Bahamas Fishing Charters - Island by Island


Will Key, Marsh Harbour, tel. 242-266-0059.
Robert Lowe, Hope Town, tel. 242-366-0266.
Maitland Lowe, Hope Town, tel. 242-366-0004.
Truman Major, Hope Town, tel. 242-366-0101.
Creswell Archer, Marsh Harbour, tel. 242-367-4000.
Orthnell Russell, Treasure Cay. tel. 242-367-2570 or 242-365-0125.
The King Fish II, Treasure Cay, tel. 242-367-2570.
Lincoln Jones, Green Turtle Cay, tel. 242-365-4223.
Joe Sawyer, Green Turtle Cay, tel. 242-365-4173.
Trevor Sawyer, Cherokee, tel. 242-366-2065.


Cargill Creek Lodge, Cargill Creek, tel. 242-368-5129.
Andros Island Bone Fishing Club,
Cargill Creek, tel. 242-368-5167.
Nottages Cottages, Behring Point, tel. 242-368-4293.


The Bimini Big Game Fishing Club, Alice Town, tel. 242-347-2391.
The Bimini Blue Water Resort & Marina, Alice Town, tel. 242-347-3166.
The Bimini Reef Club & Marina, South Bimini, tel. 05-359-9449.
The Sea Crest Hotel & Marina, Alice Town, tel. 242-347-3071.
Weech's Dock, Alice Town, tel. 242-347-2028.


Coral Sands Hotel, Harbour Island, tel. 800-333-2368.
Valentines Inn & Yacht Club, Harbour Island, tel. 242-333-2080.
Spanish Wells Yacht Haven, Spanish Wells, tel. 242-333-4255.
Spanish Wells Marina, Spanish Wells, tel. 242-333-4122.
Hatchet Bay Marina, Hatchet Bay, tel. 242-332-0186.
Harbour Island Club & Marina, Harbour Island, tel. 242-333-2427.


Club Peace and Plenty, George Town, tel. 242-345-5555.

Grand Bahama & Freeport:

Captain Ted Been, Freeport, tel. 242-352-2797.
Captain Tony Cooper, Freeport, tel. 242-352-6782.
Captain Steve Hollingsworth, Freeport, tel. 242-352-2050.
Captain Elon "Sonny" Martin, Freeport, tel. 242-352-6835.
Captain John Roberts, Freeport, tel. 242-352-7915.
Captain Doug Silvera, Port Lucaya, tel. 242-373-8446.

New Providence -Nassau:

Brown's Charters, Nassau, tel. 242-324-1215.
Captain Arthur Moxey, Nassau, tel. 242-361-3527.
Captain Mike Russell, Nassau, tel. 242-322-8148.
Born Free Charter Service, Nassau, tel. 242-363-2003.

Turks & Caicos:

Silver Deep at the Turtle Cove Marina, Providenciales, tel. 649-946-5612.
Sakitumi Charters, Providenciales, tel. 649-946-4065.

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Getting There:

For visitors arriving by air, the Bahamas are served through Nassau by most US airlines and by international airlines from Canada and Europe, and to a slightly more limited degree through Freeport.

The Out Islands are served mainly by Bahamas Air via connections in Nassau and Freeport.

The Bahamas is also a major destination for the cruise ship industry

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