Great Guana Cay, The Abaco Islands, Bahamas

Guana Harbour, AbacoOf all the islands on the Abaco chain, Great Guana Cay is one of the largest, and it’s also where you'll find one of the smallest settlements in the Abacos: Guana Harbour (see photo). The Great Guana community is set at about the midway point on the seven-mile-long island locted to the east of Great Abaco. Gauna Harbour is tough to find, and you won’t catch even a glypse of it until you’ve navigated the tiny harbour entrance. With a permanent population of only 80, Guana Harbour is tiny indeed. Most of the men in the community make their living either by farming or fishing. Those that don’t are employed at the Guana Beach Resort and Marina.

Like most of the cays in the Abacos, Great Guana is accessible only by private boat or ferry. The ferry runs a scheduled service from Marsh Harbour. The tiny village with its clapboard cottages, café, gift shop, liquor store, and grocery store, is a quiet retreat with narrow streets and waving palms. So, for the most part, Great Guana remains an unspoiled tropical paradise with more than seven miles of pristine white beaches, grassy dunes, and emerald waters, all set against a deep blue sky.

The Guana Resort & Marina and Seaside Villas, the only hotel on the island, sits amid the palms, seagrapes and casuarina trees on a tiny peninsula. The resort is a sportsman’s dream. Here you can windsurf, snorkel, water-ski, sail, and go deep-sea fishing. See page 169-70 for details.


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For visitors arriving by air, the Bahamas are served through Nassau by most US airlines and by international airlines from Canada and Europe, and to a slightly more limited degree through Freeport.

The Out Islands are served mainly by Bahamas Air via connections in Nassau and Freeport.

The Bahamas is also a major destination for the cruise ship industry

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