Potter's Cay Dining, Nassau, Bahamas

Potter’s Cay, Nassau, more a bunch of colorful, roadside dinette's than a single restaurant. this is where you go when you're looking for something really different, or the best conch salad on the islands, along with a real sense of local character, Potter’s Cay is the place to go.

Potters Cay NassauNo, it’s not a restaurant, just a conglomeration of little huts and eateries that offer a variety of fresh, Bahamian food prepared on the spot. Located under the Paradise Island Bridge on the Nassau side, Potter’s Cay is built on conch shells (lots of them). Dozens of colorful huts, seemingly inhabited by more than colorful local fishermen, line both sides beneath the bridge.

You’ll find the men engaged in life-or-death tournaments of dominoes or checkers, nefarious-looking, but obviously harmless, locals hang out at their favorite huts and become sometime, if not part-time, waiters, while the local fishermen, most of them potential tour guides, badger you in a persistent, yet friendly, way looking for your business. So where to eat? Well, Bones Seafood (west side) offers a definitely superior conch salad for $8 and, while you eat it, you can watch “King” (Neville) pull conch from its shell and then chop and prepare it with a mixture of onions, peppers, and lime and lemon juice. No phones here, and no website. This is dining out on the primitive side, but oh so good and tasty.

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