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Bahamas for Visitors offers in depth information and critiques about all inclusive resorts, luxury resorts and hotels; wedding packages, ski vacations, honeymoons, golf packages and corporate conventions in throughout the Bahamas. Planning a vacation, wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway or golf outing? Bahamas for Visitors can provide the specific destination, resort, and hotel information you need.

Our reporters are all experienced world travelers, writers and, in many cases, photographers. We try to offer unbiased opinions, critiques and reports on the resorts, hotels and destinations we visit. If we find something wrong, we'll tell you. You should, however, understand that rarely do world-class resorts and hotels leave things to go awry. You should also understand that the Out Islands of the Bahamas are somewhat primitive, and that while the major hotels and resorts (what few there are) are generally camparable with those on the mainland, the smaller, more remote ones (on Mayaguana, for instance) are primitive at worst and lacking in facilities and amenities at best.

Disclaimer: The information on this website was found to be correct at the time of writing. Things do, however, change and Bermuda for Visitors is not responsible for the state of the conditions and amenities at any of the businesses, hotels and resorts reviewed herein, nor do we expressely recommend any hotel, resort or restaurant reviewed within these pages. These pages are for information purposes only. It is your responsibility to confirm that your requirements will be met befor you travel.

We hope you find the information we offer to informative, helpful and entertaining.

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