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There are online bargains to be found; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. But keep in mind that a good travel agent will often have first-hand knowledge of the popular resorts and will be able to recommend good hotels, restaurants, etc. Better yet, the same travel agent may be able to steer you away from the traps. He/she will be able to provide trip insurance, day-trips, itineraries, etc. In short, a good agent can ensure you get value for money and real back-up when you need it. I’ve been a traveler almost all my life and even I hesitate to entrust my hard-earned cash to my own expertise, and I was once a travel agent.


Air Jamaica Vacations (yes, they do packages to the Bahamas)

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Apple Vacations

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Classic Custom Vacations (packages sold through travel agents, but you can visit their website to see what they offer)

Club Med

Delta Vacations

Horizon Tours

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Vacation Express

I recommend you use only well established companies, such as and Here you can book airline tickets – often at a discount – hotels and rental cars. Make sure you understand exactly what you’re buying. Are there restrictions on your airline tickets? Can you cancel or are they non-refundable? What are the penalties that would apply if you needed to cancel close to the departure date? Understand that a cheap airline ticket almost always means there are restrictions. Be sure to shop around; there’s always a better deal a few mouse clicks away.

Most major airlines and some large package operators have websites with online booking facilities. Delta Airlines, American Airlines, USAir, and many more, all offer a range of package options that include airfare, car, hotel, insurance, and airport/hotels transfers, often at big discounts (depending upon when you want to go). These companies are good at what they do. They have inspectors visiting resorts on a regular basis to make sure that standards are maintained. They own the airline, which means if a flight is cancelled you are their first priority for the next available flight. And it’s true one-stop-shopping – a few clicks and you’re done. More convenient and still reliable is the new website, Orbitz (, which was started by five leading airlines, American, Continental, Delta, Northwest and United. You can book online with 450 different airlines on Orbitz. They also offer rental cars, hotels, vacation packages and other travel services.

For hotels, has huge listings of hotels in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, each with a link that will take you directly to the individual hotel’s website. They also include guest reviews of many of the hotels.


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Getting There:

For visitors arriving by air, the Bahamas are served through Nassau by most US airlines and by international airlines from Canada and Europe, and to a slightly more limited degree through Freeport.

The Out Islands are served mainly by Bahamas Air via connections in Nassau and Freeport.

The Bahamas is also a major destination for the cruise ship industry

Check Here for Helpful Airline Info and Telephone Numbers

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