Best Leadership Workshop Ideas for Management Training in 2022 (2022)

Passionate leaders in any workplace play a major role in an organization. Fostering leadership activities will help you increase your team’s performance and productivity. By conducting leadership workshops, you can improve their abilities and take them to the next level.

There are various team or individual exercises that permit you to assess and enhance your abilities in a monitored situation. Let’s understand how conducting such drills can make you and your team prepared for any unforeseen situation.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. 18 Ideas for Leadership Workshops
  3. FAQs
  4. Conclusion

Leadership skills aren’t always inherently present but something that individuals can hone. Therefore, leadership development workshops and training programs enhance the practical skills of an individual. It provides:

  1. Leadership exercises and experiential activities to encourage team collaboration, communication, and sharing of ideas.
  2. Realizations as to how one’s actions greatly influence others.
  3. Lectures, digital workbooks, videos, PowerPoint slides, and activities designed to engage the participant.
  4. Leadership development coaching sessions that include pre and post-assessments and introspections help the participant discover their strengths and improve further.
  5. Group problem-solving tasks that encourage conflict resolution through a better understanding of human behaviour and group dynamics.

Leadership development training workshops are a great way of providing individuals with a platform to work on their leadership skills. We have put together a list of some intriguing leadership development programs that can be used to introduce and kickstart leadership training in employees.

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18 Ideas for Leadership Workshops

The following are some highly effective activities aiming to train young individuals and equip them with leadership development skills.

  1. Follow The Leader

    As the name suggests, this leadership training workshop activity or coaching process helps establish cohesion in groups.

    First, participants have to work in groups and communicate to develop real-life applications and shortcomings of a proposal. Then, to come to a unanimous decision, the group will engage in multiple rounds of discussions.

    Then the group is required to build upon each others’ ideas and evaluate the most practical and implementable idea proposal befitting the real-life situation.

  2. Stepping Into The Shoes Of Your Manager

    One of the leading leadership development programs and workshops, Stepping Into The Shoes Of Your Manager, involves taking up multiple personas (of strong leaders) and listing down behaviors appropriate for a manager in that particular situation.

    Inappropriate behavior is also noted. Participants are then given time to reflect on their list and make changes following which the lists are exchanged. Subsequently, the participants formulate a list of behaviors that they consider appropriate for managers and (senior) leaders.

    This helps managers understand what employees expect from them and understand the rationale behind their manager’s actions.

  3. Leadership Canvas

    Effective leaders are a culmination of their experience and skill.

    This leadership workshop activity offers a self-assessment framework for participants to identify the skills and leadership style they consider essential for effective leadership and whether or not they possess the same.

    This will help participants understand their shortcomings and to work towards developing these leadership traits.

    This activity is done best when there is a dialogue between the participants and the managers. To achieve significant impact, try using an online whiteboard and encourage comments if you’re conducting such a session for remote teams on a virtual online platform.

  4. Team Introspection

    As the name suggests, this leadership development workshop activity helps participants identify their strengths and weaknesses as a team. In addition, since this activity implores the participant to think about their skill set, it serves as an excellent exercise for initiating reflection and dialogue around personal values that help build an effective team.

  5. Mentor’s Mentorship

    One of the most effective ways to instill leadership qualities in an individual is mentorship. Via this leadership training and development workshop activity, established team leaders will formulate a training curriculum that they think works best for the entire organization. After all, these tried and tested business methods will save time and provide priceless insights to many employees.

  6. Implementing Curriculum

    Despite what anyone says, theoretical leadership knowledge will only go so far in developing an aspiring leader. This leadership workshop activity caters to the gap between theory and practicality that is bridged by hands-on experience. Participants will be put in the shoes of prospective managers and will be given the responsibility to lead a small team on a mock project.

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  7. Understanding Technical Skills

    Something that distinguishes an extraordinary leader from an average person is the technical and managerial knowledge they possess. These technical skills may include understanding your product or service, which allows you to better understand your company’s workflow from top to bottom.

    For example, a factory manager won’t ever have to operate the assembly line themself but understanding the process will help maximize efficiency and output. Participants will discuss such skills that they feel are necessary for their domain via this leadership training workshop activity.

  8. Sessions From Industry Experts

    Bringing in experienced industry figures and leadership consultants from outside your company to coach your employees will:

    1. Empower participants to understand their shortcomings and
    2. Facilitate the development of these leadership traits.
  9. Effective Analysis

    Via this leadership workshop activity, participants will be intimated with how to analyze leadership training activities effectively. Skills like soft skills and decision-making can be hard to measure, but during this session, participants should be taught qualitative measures that help get a ‘feel’ of how effective your program is.

  10. Learning From The Past

    As the adage goes, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it,” which is why employees need to be well aware of the company’s past. This leadership workshop activity includes the study of past blunders made by your company’s previous management so that your new team leaders can avoid repeating them.

    Additionally, the participants should be provided with the full context of the incident, and they should attempt to come up with alternative ways to handle the situation better. These solutions should then be discussed with the entire group, and discussions should be held about why a particular answer was better than the other.

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  11. Diligence And Direction

    This leadership workshop activity instills in the participants the importance of routine and continuous learning. Participants should be encouraged to study on their own and to point them in the right direction. This activity will provide them with a list of leadership and soft-skills-focused books to read and essential news sources, plus blogs that they should follow.

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  12. ‘Big Bad Idea’

    This leadership workshop activity is as interesting as the name sounds. Engage and unlock your team’s creativity and invite participants to share outlandish ideas with the rest and management. Employee engagement for the win!

    This will help boost creativity and liberate employees from the pressures of their managers. All the ideas should be noted down, and participants should vote for which bad idea is the most feasible.

  13. Sharing Personal Bests

    This leadership workshop activity will help team members open up with each other by sharing their personal or professional achievements. Each participant will share with others, and at the end, the listeners will have to reflect on why the achievement is significant.

    This reflection enables team members to identify and acknowledge each other’s development and strengths. It also helps them articulate the value team members bring to the table professionally or personally.

  14. Cocktail Party

    This leadership workshop activity helps to break down hierarchical walls to create a culture of collaboration in organizations.

    Participants will receive a piece of paper with a number on it. Each number represents a predetermined role. For example, a participant might be asked to act like a CEO or an intern. Once they have their numbers, they pretend they are having a cocktail party, act out their assigned role, and the other participants must guess which part each person has.

    At the end of the exercise, participants discuss how they were presenting themselves and what they could do to improve their leadership role.

  15. Icebreaking Session

    This lighthearted leadership workshop activity helps employees to open up and become more integrated with other team members. For this session, a list of ice-breaking questions should be ready, and participants randomly pick that.

    Some exciting examples could include, ‘If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?’

  16. ‘Thirty seconds’

    This leadership workshop activity will inculcate a habit of spontaneous public speaking. Participants will be asked to speak (effectively) for 30 seconds about any topic of their liking.

    As a result, participants will walk away with more confidence in their communication skills and spontaneity at the end of this activity – two essential qualities of good leaders.

  17. Scavenger Hunts

    This leadership workshop activity is an excellent way for participants to collaborate as a team in performing a scavenger hunt and, in the process, work on communication skills.

    The activity can be organized by setting up landmarks to visit and items to “gather” (real or virtual) and offer prizes to participants upon completion.

  18. Center stage

    In this leadership workshop activity, you will require four to five volunteers. One of them will play the role of the ‘latecomer’ while the other three will play the part of the ‘manager,’ each having their distinct characteristics.

    Place two chairs in the center and then ask each manager to confront the ‘latecomer’ in turn. After each scenario has been played out, ask the participants to provide insights on the different approaches — what worked, what didn’t?

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    This activity helps participants embrace healthy conflict and give valuable feedback.

    So, these are the 18 leadership workshop ideas that can be conducted at the office and provide management training to senior employees and managers. Still, have some queries and questions in mind? Here’s the answer to the frequently asked questions.


Leadership workshops are essentially a session in which leadership skills like communication, collaboration, and so forth are introduced to participants. In addition, these traits are invoked as a realization of various group activities that the participant indulges in during the workshop.

The following outline can be followed to set up a leadership workshop:

  • Choose a venue for the workshop
  • Chalk out a list of participants
  • Start with ice-breaking sessions and introductory activities
  • Indulge in a PowerPoint presentation, outlining the schedule for the day
  • Integrate role-playing activities into the curriculum
  • Allocate time for breaks and discussion periods

These are some of the most critical aspects that a leadership training program must comprise:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Adapting to unforeseen circumstances
  • Problem-solving
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Efficient project planning and delegation of tasks
  • Building trust and respect
  • Coaching activities that improve employee performance

  • These are some qualities that are common amongst all great leaders –
  • Ability to efficiently delegate
  • Communication
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Self-awareness
  • Gratitude
  • Learning ability
  • Influence
  • Empathy

One of the most critical elements that get churned out through these leadership workshops is that a sense of clarity gets developed. You can have your employees engaged constantly and this makes them retain for eternity.

Also, when it comes to centralizing all the leadership training materials, ideas, topics, and workshop sessions, you can easily create a knowledge base and manage all the docs. CloudTutorial, a knowledge base software, allows businesses of different industries to develop, manage, and share information and data. To learn more about our software, sign up and start your FREE trial today.


What are the best trainings for managers? ›

The Top 6 Best Management Courses
  • VirtualSpeech – Essential Public Speaking with VR – Best for Public Speaking.
  • Building a Second Brain – Best for Knowledge Management.
  • Udemy – Business Fundamentals: Management and HR Management – Best for Management Basics.
Jan 9, 2022

What are the hot topics in leadership? ›

10 Global Leadership Trends in Business for 2022
  • Investing in diversity and inclusion. ...
  • Fostering emotionally agile leadership. ...
  • Learning to lead several generations. ...
  • Launching more female leaders. ...
  • Fighting for authenticity. ...
  • Focusing on accountability. ...
  • Staying responsive and adaptable. ...
  • Cultivating culture.
Mar 29, 2022

How do you facilitate a leadership workshop? ›

Skill sets for team leadership can be developed through a well executed team leadership workshop.
  1. Choose a location. ...
  2. Choose participants. ...
  3. Start with exercise. ...
  4. Have introductions. ...
  5. Give power point presentation. ...
  6. Use role playing activities. ...
  7. Break for lunch for 30 minutes. ...
  8. Hold open discussion period following lunch.

What do you do in leadership workshop? ›

Part of leadership training is about teaching you the power to influence those around you. You will learn how to motivate your team and how to discriminate between good and bad sources of power, and between strong and weak methods of influence.

How do I start a management training program? ›

Here are six tips to create management training that achieve the desired outcomes.
  1. Do a Training Needs Assessment. Business goals should guide corporate training programs. ...
  2. Identify the Skill Gaps. ...
  3. Decide on the Course Content. ...
  4. Decide the Elements of the Course. ...
  5. Time the Content. ...
  6. Edit and Proofread the Content.
Apr 27, 2018

What are the most important leadership skills heading into 2022? ›

10 Leadership Qualities To Work On In 2022
  • Self-awareness – Know your impact.
  • Empathy – Love differences in others.
  • Vulnerability and humility – Trust and be trusted.
  • Team builder – Empower others.
  • Growth mindset – Keep learning.
  • Communication – Be clear and positive.
  • Commitment to improvement – Be a better you.
Feb 17, 2022

What are the latest trends in management? ›

Recent Trends in Management
  • Total Quality Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Resistance to Change.
  • Change Through Management Hierarchy.
  • Concept of Change Management.
  • Global Practices/International Business.
  • Role of an International Manager.

What makes a great leader activity? ›

Leadership activities for better communication

One of the key areas where a leader has a large influence is the style and amount of communication between people. Active Listening and giving effective feedback are critical skills to have as a leader but are also crucial for your team members.

How do you plan daily work activities for leadership? ›

Keep planning and organizing work activities simple in order maximize effectiveness.
  1. Determine Specific Tasks. Brainstorm all required tasks throughout the day. ...
  2. Prioritize and Sequence Tasks. Group tasks together. ...
  3. Set Realistic Timetables. ...
  4. Remove Potential Distractions.

What skill should a leader have? ›

What Makes an Effective Leader. Effective leaders have the ability to communicate well, motivate their team, handle and delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback, and have the flexibility to solve problems in an ever-changing workplace. Employers seek these skills in the candidates they hire for leadership roles.

What is leadership training workshop? ›

A great leadership workshop should provide: Leadership exercises and experiential activities that encourage open communication and sharing of ideas. Profound breakthroughs in understanding how to influence others. Lectures, digital workbooks, videos, powerpoint slides, and activities designed to model engagement.

What is leadership development Programme? ›

A leadership development program helps build an individual's leadership skill and capacity to excel, both personally and professionally, in their role and organization. The best leadership development programs are research-based and build needed competencies while preparing leaders to tackle the challenges they face.

How do you teach management skills? ›

How to Improve Your Management Skills
  1. Strengthen Your Decision-Making. Sound decision-making is a crucial skill for managers. ...
  2. Cultivate Self-Awareness. ...
  3. Build Trust. ...
  4. Be a Better Communicator. ...
  5. Establish Regular Check-ins. ...
  6. Carve Out Time for Reflection. ...
  7. Complete Management Training.
Jan 9, 2020

How do managers train leaders? ›

How to train your managers
  1. Begin training before the promotion. Preparing employees before they're promoted to managers can give them time to identify their strengths as well as areas where they can improve. ...
  2. Educate the trainee. ...
  3. Enroll them in management courses. ...
  4. Provide leadership opportunities. ...
  5. Assign a mentor.

What are the objectives of leadership training? ›

Course Objectives

Gain greater understanding of a leader's responsibilities. Create and maintain an efficient, effective, and motivated team. Maximize your team performance by understanding human behaviour and focusing on the needs of the individual and the team.

What is an example of situational leadership? ›

There are many situations in which situational leadership is especially appropriate. For example, sports teams frequently experience changes due to team members coming and going. This means the strengths and weaknesses of the entire team are constantly changing, too.

What are leadership skills PDF? ›

The different types of leadership skills are, communication, motivation, creativity, positivity, feedback, delegating, trustworthiness, work ethics, conscientiousness and dispute settlement.


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