Design215 Word Finder - Find and Unscramble Words (2023)

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Directions and Tips We Want Your Suggestions! History [115 Comments] Design215fan Word Herder Louise Ali Jarden Meyer Benjamin Luboya Education Love this tool Ashley Phil WWF letter word finder AmaZayn Website awesome De'Onte Pittman please help me i tried everthing TEXT TWIST congratultions from L.Gairy livi frustrated Debs Word finder I need help!! unscramble your mom katie keith nightingale Glad you are back awesome Design word finder app Donta White Chadworthy ari Cool website! Shirl Great site awesome 6gradestudent PHEW diego's mom Awesome site, Great help! Atari Word Finder kelly thanks Lorraine Hindley find word Eric Kiwi wordnerdy Word scramble~katie This is going to be great missing result cheating with your computer Great Site but Amy Excellent shakira Unscrambled KINDLE EVERYWORD Iphone App Thanks Slow Loading cool THX! cam1007 Awesome! MELMAD Mandt1970 L.E.S. Bookworm Frenzy Nice Pimp I'm spiffed mollyfish Jumble and Scram-lets Chevy cee cee chad Does not Contain KUYA Rob Word Freak Great homework sux unscramble Samantha Awesome Stacey Suggestion interligent zomg! Super Awesome Person Excellent Truely Amazing love site RE: I can't figure this out!!! I can't figure this out!!! 2nd grade English dragonflychic78 Life Saver someone mtnman Virginia OICURMT Atari TT spelling THIS site Rocks! Destiny M. Sims Alex thanks Re: trishy0470 trishy0470 Re.. Could not get the answer?? Could not get the answer?? Buddy you are the best Lifesaver Inventor of SCRABBLE Message from Rob G Leave a Comment FAQs

v2.0.2, 03 Mar 2022 by Robert Giordano
Design215 Word Finder - Find and Unscramble Words (1)

The Design215 Word Finder is a free utility that unscrambles words, finds anagrams, solves jumbles, finds rhyming words, and helps with Scrabble, crosswords, and other word games. For example, you can find all 6 letter words that start with "d" and end with "n". Find words that rhyme by searching for words that end with the same letters. If you enter letters into the "Unscramble" box, the other fields will be ignored and the program will find any words that can be formed from those letters. Unscramble now finds combinations of two words by default.

Directions and Tips

  • Playing Wordle? Try the Word Pattern Finder if you need to use placeholders and exclude letters with "DOES NOT CONTAIN" etc.
  • UNSCRAMBLE UPDATED 12.22.2012:
    By default, the "Unscramble" box now returns a list of one and two word solutions that use all letters. Remember, the "Unscramble" box ignores all other fields.

    For games like SCRABBLE®, check "show all words you can make with these letters" to find all words that can be made from any number of the letters entered.

  • Word searches return a maximum of 500 words, 1500 for unscrambles.
  • To find words that rhyme, enter the last few letters of a word in the "Ends with" box.
  • Use the "Length" menu to limit the number of letters in the words being searched. If you only want to find 4 letter words, select "4 letters". If you want to find words of any length, up to and including 8 letters, select "8 letters" and check the "or less" box.
  • The "Contains" box works two ways. Enter "cat" with the checkbox unchecked, and you'll find words like "catch", "locate", and "tomcat". If "any order" is checked, you'll find words containing the letters "c", "a", and "t", in any order, like "cadet", "exact", and "teach".

    Complex Example:
    If you wanted to find words that begin with "a", end with "s" and contain "a" and "i" in the middle of the word, enter "a" in "Begins with", "s" in "Ends with", and "aai" in "Contains" with "any order" checked. The two a's are necessary if you want words that begin with "a" AND have another "a" somewhere in the middle. You'll find "airbags", "animals", and "aviators".

  • Wildcards or Missing Letters?
    To unscramble a word when one or more letters are missing:
    1. Enter the known letters in the "Contains" box instead of "Unscramble".
    2. Check "any order".
    3. Select the total number of letters in the word from the "Length" menu.

    For example, if you had 4 letters and a wildcard, "e?tca", you would enter "etca" in the "Contains" box, check "any order" and select a Length of "5 Letters".

  • Crossword Puzzles
    Use the "Length" menu with a combination of "Begins with", "Ends with", or "Contains", depending on what letters in the crossword are filled in. Uncheck "any order".

We Want Your Suggestions!

If you find a bug, or have any suggestions to make our utility better, please leave a comment below or contact us directly. We want to constantly improve our site by listening to your feedback! =)


The programming for this page was originally written in GFA-Basic by Robert Giordano on an Atari TT030 while he was in college. His program would spellcheck in real time as you typed, on a 32mhz computer, using a 99,000 word dictionary! People using Windows 95 were amazed... and jealous. In 2001, he converted some of the code to ASP and created a web page on but it was not available to the public. In 2005, the ASP version was converted to PHP for this site using the ASP Translator and a few tweaks.

SCRABBLE is a trademark of Hasbro in the United States and Canada.
Scrabble rights elsewhere in the world are held by J.W. Spear and Sons, PLC.



14 Mar 2021 4:11pm

"This helped with everything so much so soon. I am getting this app thanks"

Word Herder

05 Feb 2019 4:47pm

"I'm old school and remember when there was NO electronic help for homework or word games. Thank GOODNESS those days are over! =) I love this site. I can stop asking my oh-so smart husband "What do these letters make?" and getting that condescending sigh and the right answer instantly. Suck it, Trebek!"


01 Jan 2019 12:16pm

"Love your website!! Do you happen to have an app? If so could you send me a link? All the best of health and happiness in the New Year!"


20 Sep 2017 4:57am

"This site is so awesome. It is so helpful. Good job"

Jarden Meyer

15 Mar 2017 11:30am

"I love this app it helps me with my assignments and my school easy PEZ life is easy I might keep this app love it"

Benjamin Luboya

29 Dec 2016 4:09pm

"I appreciate the algorithm of the processor script. Keep it up"


05 Nov 2016 11:55am

"I use this in my classroom to find more words with our pattern we're learning."

Love this tool

03 Oct 2016 10:36pm

"I use this all the time for songwriting! I'm a marketing and social media consultant who also loves to play Scrabble. I find it amazing that it has been in use for over 10 years. Thanks to everyone."


13 Aug 2015 2:04am

"Provide a facility to repeat the words. Eg abcdefg to give word cabbage"

Phil WWF

04 Jul 2015 1:52am

"Pretty much my go to site if I am behind in words with friends and need a quick 50 plus point word to get back into it. ThanKs!"

letter word finder

16 Apr 2015 11:01am

"Love this... it helps my child for his assignments."

AmaZayn Website

25 Feb 2015 10:37am

"What a great site...... Found every word I needed :) P.S :I"m a Directioner ( I had to put it in there :p ) xx"


02 Dec 2014 8:14pm

"Pretty easy to use"

De'Onte Pittman

16 Oct 2014 12:57pm

"your website didn't help at all your just a no good man who wanted to be a web site designer isn't that right!

[Reply from Robert Giordano]

please help me i tried everthing

26 Apr 2014 5:42am

"Want to make a 8 letter word with these letters (iogzelvrdkl) tried on your site says 0 words help me out

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
If you check the box that says "Show all words you can make with these letters", then it will find a bunch of words, including these 8-letter ones:



12 Jan 2014 4:58pm

"I use this every time I play the game. I learn new words, see letter combinations in a different way and always enjoy the instant results."

congratultions from L.Gairy livi

09 Oct 2013 9:10am

"i love this website"


18 Aug 2013 9:48pm

"Helped needed, No words found using the following 16 letters: eepiluntavcardat to make 2 words that finishes this quote "if marco polo had needed money for his epic journey, he could have raised _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (9 letters) _ _ _ _ _ _ _(7 letters) Thanks!

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
I don't know why it didn't work for you. I just pasted your letters in the unscramble box and got:



11 Apr 2013 7:40am

"Didn't find "air conditioner" from naiudocoitrrienn, but still the best unscramble website, thanks!!

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
AIR CONDITIONER is 14 letters. You have 16 letters. Perhaps that's why it didn't work?"

Word finder I need help!!

03 Apr 2013 1:28am

"hi umm does any one know the answer to this? so umm we have a unscramble the letters but I don't know the answer to this one so do any of u know? it is rinttlet. clue is it is to do with how to make static images more effective. thx!"


09 Dec 2012 4:19pm

"Failed to find "chariot races" from : ascorecharti

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
It works fine now, since the December 22 update. It also found these word pairs from your letters:


your mom

17 Nov 2012 11:33pm

"This website STINKS!!! I put in the letters "ICAREPTG" and it gave me "price gat" and all other kinds of two word pieces of garbage, but no "price tag." You should be ashamed of yourselves, whoever created and/or runs this website.

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
LMAO I just tried it and "PRICE TAG" appears immediately after "PRICE GAT" in the list of results. All of the other "pieces of garbage" are actual words that appear in dictionaries and are legal for use in competition Scrabble. =)"


22 Oct 2012 5:44pm

"no known words for these letters: OPCTKUL

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Its "potluck". I don't know why it didn't work for you."

keith nightingale

18 Sep 2012 12:52am

"a good tool for crossword puzzles"

Glad you are back

15 Sep 2012 5:40am

"This is one of my favorite sites."


29 Jul 2012 10:57am

"thanks, i use this for my crosswords n stuff. works every time"

Design word finder app

26 Feb 2012 4:08pm

"Please, please make this into an app! None of the others are as good"

Donta White

22 Feb 2012 12:08pm

"thanks soooo!!!!!! much for this site it help me big time and by the way this site is the best that i found so far and thank u who made this site like i said it's the best!!!!!!!!"


20 Feb 2012 6:41am

"Awesome for Words with Friends! Lol"


31 Jan 2012 12:37pm

"best word finder"

Cool website!

18 Jan 2012 5:53am

"I arrived here via your "unscrambler" and was surprised to see all the other features. I'm looking forward to exploring them. IMHO, the value of word scrambles and word find puzzles as homework is suspect. They may help with spelling, I suppose, and definitions in some formats, but appear to have little to offer in terms of helping students better understand and apply concepts. So, if using your resource helps students complete "busy work" assignments more efficiently, hurrah for time management!"


05 Jan 2012 7:04am

"I think this site is great! It's been shared with others who "get stuck". My daughter calls it my word cheater, I call it assistance when necessary! Very easy to understand the results and we love it! Thanks so much!"

Great site

25 Nov 2011 11:51am

"Love this site! I seem like a pro playing scrabble online. This site is my little secret weapon."


08 Nov 2011 12:42pm

"this website is awesome helped me unscramble remembranceday"


20 Oct 2011 12:45pm

"love this site! Helped me get extra credit in school with brainteasers! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


20 Oct 2011 12:10pm

"Wow that just save my life. first i went to google to find stuff and here it is. :D :D :D :)"

diego's mom

30 Aug 2011 1:23pm

"THANKS!!!! Bookmarked, shared and enjoyed! Thanks for letting us smile and conquer a difficult homework. Blessings."

Awesome site, Great help!

27 Aug 2011 11:05am

"I was leaving a comment on a board I frequent, couldn't think of a word I wanted to use. Googled "word finder" and came here because of description, "find words for poetry." I write poetry, so I checked it out. Wonderful site!!! I've bookmarked it and will come back when I need words while writing poetry. Thank you! =)"


28 Jul 2011 5:52am

"Great stuff and fun. I always wanted an Atari Transputer. Had the ST line and loved it for it's day. Was the Transputer using GEM or some other OS?"

Word Finder

17 Jul 2011 6:49pm

"This site awesome..."


16 Jul 2011 7:12am

"i love this site. awesome. definitely bookmarked :-)"


14 Jul 2011 4:53am

"Thanks for the help on a quick jumble I got stuck on. You've shared your talent and have helped a lot of people. Blessings to you."

Lorraine Hindley

11 Jun 2011 7:52am

"You have just solved an anagram in seconds that I have been trying to solve for about an hour. Thank you."

find word

28 Apr 2011 5:21pm

"Find the word -a-i-r-s- girls like it parents hate it

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Is each one of those dashes a placeholder? If so, I only found one word, JANITRESS, which doesn't make much sense. If you are looking for a 9 letter word that contains those letters in that order, how about HAIRSTYLE ?"

Eric Kiwi

19 Apr 2011 10:28am

"Hey! Great site - crypto doer paradise"


02 Apr 2011 12:03pm

"From "OURUNSTY", Word Finder produced "you runts", and 94 other 2-word solutions, but not "you turns" (Today's "Jumble" solution: no "you" turns: solution to "What one gets when they carpool with someone who won't stop talking"

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
I just checked and while you are correct, it did list "turns you". Because of the way I wrote the code, it may not list every combination of the same two words it finds. Sorry about that. I'm always trying to come up with ways to improve the code so I'll give that some thought."

Word scramble~katie

31 Mar 2011 1:05pm

"Great help when I can't find anymore words. Brain freeze, helps to thaw it."

This is going to be great

15 Mar 2011 11:41pm

"I was wondering if you have any recommendations for a resource online that creates categories for the sound patterns versus the spelling patterns? Thank you."

missing result

01 Feb 2011 6:03pm

"iecarkgdceotan is "cake decorating". It wasn't shown in results... =(

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
To unscramble two words, you have to check the "all possible" box. I just tried it and it works. Otherwise, it tries to unscramble it as a single word. It also unscrambles as "coed caretaking" and "certain dockage". =)"

cheating with your computer

30 Jan 2011 7:09am

"so I use this program, I'm not using my brain to beat someone at Scrabble, my machine is winning not me. My computer beat your computer. You call this fair, I think not

[Reply from Robert Giordano]

Great Site but

23 Jan 2011 1:36pm

"could not get the word for " starts with f and ends with m and contains ivuwa and an unknown ???? I will use the site in the future when I am up against it!!

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
I'm not sure what the word is either. The first word list contains all of the officially allowable Scrabble words. The second word list is for spell checking documents. There are many obscure words that are not in either list. I am working on additional word lists. If you entered a valid email, I'll let you know when it works. =)"


11 Jan 2011 3:58pm

"Got me out of a jam!! Awesome! Thank you!"


09 Jan 2011 4:59am

"did my daughters homework on this - (I could not find any word that contained "OAH" - found it here as OctAHedral) But failed to find "YLW" - its yellow otherwise nothing like this site that I could find - thanks

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
To find "yellow" from "YLW", you have to check the "any order" box. Otherwise, it tries to find those three letters next to each other. Didn't you have the "any order" box checked to find "Octahedral"?"


09 Nov 2010 10:08pm

"AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!"


01 Nov 2010 6:05pm

"I KNOW this is a response to an OLD question, but the answer to unscrambling "SAMICONFEROK" for the name of a book that brought pop culture and economics together... Its Freakonomics. I work in a book store and recognized it instantly =)

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Thanks! That explains why it wouldn't be in either word list."


30 Oct 2010 6:49am

"Hey, this is great for the Kindle free game EVERYWORD! THANKS!"

Iphone App

18 Oct 2010 1:41pm

"Oh I so would pay a small fee for this to be on the iPhone.

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Its on my "to do" list. =)"


31 Aug 2010 1:16pm

"Ty u saved my homework THANKS a lot =) =0"

Slow Loading

27 Aug 2010 1:19pm

"It'd be cool if all these comments were on a separate page, so that this page would load quicker... but regardless this is a useful... whatever it is... and I use it all the time... nice job!

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Actually, I've done tests and the comments don't slow the page down much. The math for doing searches and unscrambles on word lists with 100,000 words or more is pretty intense. Add to that the popularity of this page and the server might sometimes lag a bit.

That being said, I might move the comments to another page if the list gets much longer. Thanks for your comment =)"


11 Aug 2010 5:27am

"Helped me so much with my homework!!! Thank you!!"


01 Aug 2010 10:04pm

"i <3 dis website coz it helped me a lot so i just wanna say thx! for my homework, i always have these questions and this website helped me and i also use it for tutor homework. this website is truly amazing! Thx to all those guys and girls that helped to create it!

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
You're welcome! It was just me, lol."


01 Aug 2010 1:11am

"Awesome job as usual and very clever!

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Thanks Carole! Did you find this page randomly? LOL"


16 Jul 2010 8:34pm

"Awesome utility! I've gotten my Text Twist score up to over 11,000,000 now. Before your site, I always crashed the game by 250,000! Thanks! I also like the rest of your site and its very useful contents. You also have some talented photographers here. :> MEL"


14 Jul 2010 10:04pm

"you are amazing... simply the best, better than all the rest!!!!"


30 May 2010 4:10pm

"Just gotta say that as I do loads of puzzles etc, this site has been an absolute Godsend!!!!! Keep it up......."


31 Mar 2010 4:16am

"yo this sh*t is official for crosswords in the New York post"

Bookworm Frenzy

02 Dec 2009 4:52pm

"I'm Thai. I've wasted a lot of time trying to solve this problem. Till I find this wonderful site! May God bless you !"


27 May 2009 4:22pm

"This is a nice website, but there are a few things that i try to unscramble and it does not work, here they are: RGIXOAEANLREISEBPCS IEOCFFEORMMDNENC AHFTREAGCEON DTEMNPEIAEGRCILA NTFTSOOITAIINICNCE"


31 Mar 2009 2:16pm

"This site is pimpin'. Hehe, im talking gangsterish!!! This site is amazing!!!!"

I'm spiffed

09 Mar 2009 8:54am

"What a spiffing website!"


22 Feb 2009 11:41am

"WOW! I don't know how you pulled this site off, but its just- amazing."

Jumble and Scram-lets

12 Feb 2009 5:20am

"This is a wonderful website! I love it for assistance with unscrambling words and not having to wait until the next day for the newspaper to print the answers to Jumble and Scram-let. You are a genius!"


10 Nov 2008 6:34am

"OCKSTRADTEICKLCS What is it unscrambled?"

cee cee

07 Nov 2008 4:07am

"this is a great website!!!"


23 Sep 2008 8:31am

"this is a great site"

Does not Contain

05 Aug 2008 3:02am

"It is good, is there any option of "does not contain" these letters and find the words?

[Reply from Robert Giordano]
Yes, try my new Word Pattern Finder. It should do what you need. =)"


14 Jul 2008 2:47am

"this site gives me & my sister an A+ in school"


04 Jul 2008 5:46am

"I need to unscramble YELDAREBN to form two words. Any one know ?"

Word Freak

27 Jun 2008 5:22am

"thanks for your help. I love scrambled word games, was really a great help."


20 Jun 2008 7:24am

"Used this to unscramble words in Bully game Ps2 . It worked great. Made my grandson happy"

homework sux

25 May 2008 10:52pm

"dis thing rox. i did all my homework in like 10 mins =D!!!!"


16 Apr 2008 11:53pm

"SAMICONFEROK Unscramble for a name of a book that was described as one that brought pop culture and economics together. Can anyone comment on this?"


03 Mar 2008 5:48pm

"thanks for the help! I use this site every week! it helps a bunch!"


29 Feb 2008 12:16pm

"I got all my homework done in ten minutes using this! u guys r awesome"


18 Feb 2008 6:34pm

"wow that was fast and easy! all of the other places i went to couldnt find them! thanks!!!!"


12 Feb 2008 6:05pm

"In the next version perhaps you could add an exclude box ie. a 6 letter word that starts with "s", contains "a", and exclude/doesn't have "eiouy". Would be great in a hangman games, when you have too little clue and wasted too many letters.

[Update from Robert Giordano]
I just built a new utility with wildcards, include, exclude, and pattern search.
Try my Word Pattern Finder. =)"


08 Feb 2008 2:50pm



02 Feb 2008 2:59pm

"This site is awesome! You saved my mother and I loads of time on a difficult word jumble! Thanks!"

Super Awesome Person

31 Jan 2008 5:44pm

"You guys r GREAT!!!! You help me with all of my word of the week homework! And you even made me get a homework pass!! No math for me!! Thanks!! You Rock :D!!!"


31 Jan 2008 6:30am

"I checked another site, which couldn't unscramble my word. Your site did in less than a second. Wonderful!"

Truely Amazing

29 Jan 2008 8:29pm

"All I can say is... wow! I had a homework assignment where we were asked simple questions, and had to indirectly use the answers. Like if root beer was your answer, you must use it like: parenting is the ROOT, BE ERroneous. Now I have some great ones, like Peter Pan is "trumPETER PANcake", and Pokemon is "do not POKE MONo infected people" I'm recommending this site to everyone I know!"

love site

08 Jan 2008 12:52pm

"helped me a lot on homework. peace out word finder brothers!!!!!!!!!"

RE: I can't figure this out!!!

06 Jan 2008 3:25pm

"mobster tailor puzzle:

It was a SMALL JOB! the letters you have are wrong!"

I can't figure this out!!!

19 Sep 2007 1:56pm

"The question is: Why did the mobster's tailor quit?
It was a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (2 words)
the letters are L I O Y A S J M
Thank you!"

2nd grade English

13 Sep 2007 4:30am

"This site rocks."


28 Jun 2007 1:28pm

"This site is AWESOME!!! I have saved it to 'My Fav's' and will probably use this site a lot in the future. Thanks again! :)"

Life Saver

05 Jun 2007 12:43pm

"Stupid Six Letter Anagrams ~Thanks ~_~"


17 May 2007 5:28pm

"you saved my homework"


30 Apr 2007 5:33pm

"thx - helped my son with his homework: find twelve words containing each of the five vowels."


15 Apr 2007 8:39am

"You have helped to "unscramble" my head!!"


12 Apr 2007 12:50pm

"OICURMT = Oh I See You Are Empty ;P"

Atari TT

04 Apr 2007 8:56pm

"I love the history! The Atari ST/TT platform was awesome. I still miss my Falcon030!"


29 Mar 2007 3:00pm

"you got me free ice cream thanks"

THIS site Rocks!

01 Feb 2007 8:14pm

"You're a genius. I was helping my sis with her homework and discovered your site. Thanks a bunch. I'll definitely bookmark this site."

Destiny M. Sims

08 Jan 2007 8:48pm

"Thank you SOOOOO much. Without this I don`t know what I would do. THANK YOU!!!!!"


05 Nov 2006 12:50pm

"Gees. Great stuff. Do you have a downloadable version? It's VERY VERY VERY VERY COOL. No other unscramble program will be able to beat yours."


08 Aug 2006 4:12pm

"You helped me spell parachute! Thanks a ton!"

Re: trishy0470

26 Jun 2006 9:17pm

"When you select the unscramble feature, all of the other fields are ignored. Unless you check "all possible", it will always try to find words that use the exact number of letters you enter."


26 Jun 2006 3:56pm

"I came in here last night for help unscrambling a word for a contest. It gave me some interesting answers. Now that I have more clues for the word that I need to unscramble... It might be easier. But when I put in for a 6 letter word or less and have everything put in that I want in.. and click the button it changes my settings back to any length. Why? Otherwise, this thing is really cool!"

Re.. Could not get the answer??

05 Jun 2006 4:25pm

"I tried OICURMT on several other popular sites and did not get any results for a single word. Do you know if it should unscramble to an English word? Also, did you try it with the "all possible" checkbox checked? It does unscramble to some two-word combinations then."

Could not get the answer??

05 Jun 2006 11:35am

"tried to unscramble the word- OICURMT but did not find the word i was looking for.... However, interesting site.."

Buddy you are the best

20 Mar 2006 8:15pm

"You saved me and my son loads of time working on crosswords and scrambled word puzzles thanks"


30 Jan 2006 6:21pm

"This site is awesome. Overloaded 6th grader (and parents) used site to whip out tough homework assignment. Actually learned some new terms instead of tears and excuse letter to teacher. Thanks!!!!!!"

Inventor of SCRABBLE

27 Jan 2006 5:07pm

"Read about the inventor of the popular board game, Alfred Mosher Butts in this Wikipedia article."

Message from Rob G

26 Jan 2006 2:12am

"Look at some of the fun things "giordano" spells...

arid goon, doing oar, door gain, good rain, goon raid, iran good, nog radio, oar dingo, rio gonad... lol

Don't forget to try the spellcheck page where you can check for spelling errors in your blogs, myspace profile, or any other text. It has an optional slang wordlist that other spellcheckers don't have!"

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What words help solve Wordle? ›

To solve Wordle as efficiently as possible, try words that include the letters e, t, a, i, o, n, s, h, and r; these are the most common letters in English. Another great trick is to begin with words that start with the letters t, a, o, d, and w; as again, these are the most common starting letters in English.

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(1) all 5 letters are unique. Number of permutations is C(10, 5) 5! = 252.5!.

Are there any 5 letter words? ›

According to Free Dictionary, there are 158,390 words with five letters. Volume 6 of Office's Scrabble Dictionary claims there are 8,996 available words with five letters while other sources claim that there are only 5,350 words that you can create with five letters in word games.

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Facetiously. It contains all the vowels in order of the appearance in the alphabet including the sometimes a vowel “Y”.

What 8 letter word has one letter? ›

Letters. What eight letter word contains only one letter? Sent by: Age: An envelope.

What is a 8 letter word that starts with B? ›

8-letter words starting with B
25 more rows

What is the #1 best first word for Wordle? ›

Sorry Bill Gates, but AUDIO isn't the best word to start with when you're playing Wordle. A pair of MIT researchers recently set out to find the optimal starting word for the popular online puzzle, discovering that the statistically superior first guess is SALET, which is a 15th century helmet.

How do you win Wordle every time? ›

Here are the best tips and tricks for Wordle players
  1. Start with a random word that has vowels. Screenshot via Nishtha Grover. ...
  2. Use different letters for the second word. ...
  3. Choose a new word every time. ...
  4. Using the same word as the first word each time. ...
  5. Keep an eye out for repeated letters. ...
  6. Use a pen and paper. ...
  7. Additional help.
12 Apr 2022

What word should I pick first for Wordle? ›

Start with a word that has a lot of vowels.

Some Wordle players have found success in starting with a word that has several vowels in it. “Adieu,” “audio” or “canoe,” for instance, may be good words to start with because at least three out of the five letters are vowels.

Do crosswords stop dementia? ›

Researchers determined that, out of the participants who eventually developed dementia, those who frequently did crossword puzzles demonstrated a much slower decline in memory. On average, crossword puzzles provided about a two and a half year delay in memory decline compared to those who did not do crossword puzzles.

Do crosswords prevent Alzheimer's? ›

A lot of people do crossword puzzles each day with the belief that this activity will help keep the brain young and even keep Alzheimer's or dementia at bay. Unfortunately, there is no evidence for this belief.

Does Scrabble increase IQ? ›

Brain Development and IQ

Young people who play Scrabble and other word games tend to have higher IQ scores than those who don't. Vocabulary and memory are obvious areas of improvement, but the tolerance for mental challenges is much higher for children who play as well.

What is the best Wordle combination? ›

Wordle's First Two Words Can Be A Powerful Combo

The strategy for early guesses in Wordle can be gleaned from Scrabble's lowest-scoring, and thus most used, letters - A, E, I, O, U, L, N, S, T, and R.

What are the 3 best words to start with in Wordle? ›

So RATIO first, then MENDS, then LUCKY. That's it. With those three choices, you'll have slimmed down the list of possible letters to the point that figuring out the solution with your final guesses becomes significantly easier.

What are the 5 words in Wordle? ›

"Derby, flank, ghost, winch, jumps." After typing in the magic words, Myles had one chance to solve the puzzle.

What 5 letter words have a and o? ›

Five-letter words with 'A' and 'O' on them to try on Wordle
  • abode.
  • above.
  • adobe.
  • adobo.
  • adopt.
  • adore.
  • adorn.
  • adown.
30 May 2022

What 5 letter word has the most vowels? ›

Top-Words with 5 Letters with mostly vowels
  • MIAOU. ...
  • ADIEU. ...
  • AUDIO. ...
  • AULOI. ...
  • LOUIE. ...
  • AUREI. ...
  • OURIE. ...
  • URAEI.

Which word has all 5 vowels 5 letter word? ›

Unfortunately, most of the words that contain all five vowels are too long to be useful in Scrabble and Words With Friends. They include unequivocally, abstemious, and unquestionably. Eulogia, miaoued, and miauos all use all five vowels and are eminently playable.

What word has all vowels 5 letter? ›

Unfortunately, there are no words in English that are made up entirely of vowels, so we will have to settle for the next best thing: a five-letter word containing four of them.

Which English word has all the five vowel letter? ›

EUNOIA is the shortest word in English which has all five vowels.

What is a 5 letter M word? ›

5 letter words that start with M

maars. macaw. macer. maces. mache.

What is a 7 letter word that ends with M? ›

7-letter words ending with M
25 more rows

What is a 3 letter word with M? ›

3-letter words starting with M
25 more rows

What starts with P ends with E? ›

Q: What starts with "P", ends with "E", and has millions of letters? A: The "Post Office"!

What letter can come after P? ›

English Alphabet
#Capital LetterSmall Letter
22 more rows

What is a 2 letter word with P? ›

2-letter words starting with P
7 more rows

What ends with House? ›

  • cause.
  • pause.
  • gause.
  • mause.

What 7 letter word starts with an? ›

7-letter words starting with AN
25 more rows

What is a 1 letter word? ›

The only one-letter words in English are a and I. The most common two-letter words are of, to, in, it, is, be, as, at, so, we, he, by, or, on, do, if, me, my, up, an, go, no, us, am. The most common three-letter words are the and and.

What app can I use to write letters? ›

Google Docs also has several features that can help you write a beautiful letter. It is an excellent option if you want to add images and videos, and there are helpful templates you can use for your letter.

What the game where it gives you letters to make words? ›

Put a spell on you. Scrabble has been the essential word game for almost a century. A competitive crossword that rewards players' extensive vocabularies and tactical tile placement, the family board game has remained the go-to board game about spelling words for most players.

Do Wordle solutions repeat letters? ›

Does Wordle repeat letters? You might have learned this already (and done so the hard way), but yes, absolutely letters can repeat in Wordle puzzles. This complication is actually one of the major sources of difficulty for many players.

What words can I make with the letters airfare? ›

Unscramble : airfare
  • 2 Letter Words. aa. ae. ai. ar. ef. er. fa. fe. if. re.
  • 3 Letter Words. air. are. arf. ear. era. err. far. fer. fie. fir. ire. ...
  • 4 Letter Words. afar. area. aria. fair. fare. fear. fiar. fire. frae. raia. rare. ...
  • 5 Letter Words. afire. airer. farer. feria. firer. friar. frier. rifer.
  • 6 Letter Words. fairer.
  • 7 Letter Words. airfare.

What free program can I use to write a letter? ›

LibreOffice Writer

Writer, the open-source, free writing software, serves almost all general writing needs. LibreOffice is a near-perfect example of free office software - a familiar, feature-rich take on the office suite.

Is there an app that converts handwriting into text? ›

Pen to Print is the first handwriting to text OCR scanner converting handwritten notes into digital text available for edits, search and storage in any digital platform.

Is there a program that converts handwriting to text? ›

OneNote includes a handy conversion tool so you can change handwritten text into typed text. This is useful if you want to share your handwritten notes in a more legible format with other people.

What is the best free word search game? ›

The best word games for Android
  • Bonza Word Puzzle.
  • Crossword Puzzle by Redstone.
  • Jumbline 2.
  • Letterpress.
  • Wordiest.
29 May 2022

Is there a free word search game? ›

Arkadium has a selection of fun word searches to sink your teeth into. Try our Free Daily Word Search Puzzle or Penny Dell Word Search now and see how much fun they are.

What other games are like Wordle and Heardle? ›

If you love Wordle and want a puzzle game that takes more brain power, you'll want to check out Quordle, Octordle, Dordle and Sedecordle. Each of these four word games look very similar to Wordle, but add more rows, columns and words to solve.

What is the number 1 Wordle word? ›

Sorry Bill Gates, but AUDIO isn't the best word to start with when you're playing Wordle. A pair of MIT researchers recently set out to find the optimal starting word for the popular online puzzle, discovering that the statistically superior first guess is SALET, which is a 15th century helmet.

Does Wordle use plurals? ›

There is nothing from stopping Wordle answers from being plural. However, none have been plural so far in 2022, suggesting either that the makers are choosing not to use plurals or that they are just very rare. Three Wordle answers have ended in S in 2022, but they are FOCUS, REBUS and TRUSS.

Can Wordle have 2 solutions? ›

If you've played Wordle long enough, then you have like encountered the scenario where the game's daily puzzle features two answers. This week, it happened twice.

How many words can you make from seat? ›

We found a total of 24 words by unscrambling the letters in seat.

How many words can you make out of planes? ›

Words made by unscrambling letters planes has returned 99 results.

How many words can you make from transport? ›

We found a total of 214 words by unscrambling the letters in transport.

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