Wooden Garden Rooms: Insulated Prefabs For Sale in the UK (2022)

Increasing Popularity of Garden Rooms in the UK

According to Ozge Celik Russell, Research Manager at AMA Research and editor of the Residential Garden Buildings and Structures Market Report, it is estimated that there are 22 million gardens in Great Britain and over 90 per cent of these are attached to houses, which makes wooden garden rooms highly popular among people wishing to create a more functional and productive backyard space.

Garden office rooms – a remote workplace you deserve

With the increasing remote working trend, wooden garden rooms have become a popular selection for many households in the UK. Workplace ergonomics and workspace setting play a key role in efficient work performance; thus, many people find it essential to create a dedicated undisturbed space for solely work purposes.

During the last couple of years, high end insulated garden rooms have boomed to heights never seen before. More than a third (38%) of UK workers have worked from home in May 2021, according to the data from the Office of National Statistics. This has resulted in exceptionally high demand for garden rooms – sales skyrocketed by approximately 500%, compared to the previous years.

Bright garden studio rooms for your personal endeavours

Do you feel like you lack space for creative expression or find it difficult to have a cosy relaxation spot at home? A personal garden room could serve you as a lovely base for performing your favourite hobby or activity. Our garden rooms feature large windows and doors, ensuring lots of natural light inside – feel your energy levels go up once you step into your dedicated studio space. To feel more spaciousness, open the doors and feel the soft breeze coming through. To add even more character to the overall experience, upgrade your wooden garden room with a cosy wooden terrace and enjoy your lunches or relaxing moments outdoors. It’s truly a dreamy place to spend your time in!

Garden gym rooms – achieve and secure your fitness goals

Having to travel all the way to the gym might seem like a tiring chore unless it’s 10 steps away from your home – right there in your own garden! Arranging a personal gym space could be a game-changer in your fitness routine. Instead of using your valuable time for commuting to and back from the fitness club, you could dedicate a solid amount of time to doing an effective workout. No rush at all! Take your time to do some strength exercises or a relaxing stretching routine – it’s up to you to decide what your body needs that day!

A wide range of wooden garden rooms for sale at Quick-garden.co.uk

Wooden garden rooms make a substantial part of our general assortment, thus we take our utmost responsibility to offer a vast array of functional, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile models, allowing anyone to find that special one. From the aesthetic point of view, our range covers two main categories – classical wooden garden rooms and contemporary ones. A huge list of different styles, sizes and features doesn’t cease to amaze us and our customers – through the years we managed to curate the optimal range in all size and style categories.
When it comes to the structural aspect, our wooden garden rooms are available in single or double-wall construction (for classical models), a single wall with the cladding or SIPs – Structural Insulated Panels (for contemporary models). Let’s dive into the assortment more in the following sections!

Don’t worry if you can’t find that special garden room in an instant – we are always here to guide you and help in every step of the way. And, lastly, there is always an option to order a completely bespoke model, but let’s keep this for the final part of the story!

Wooden garden room design - classic or up to date?

Classic or modern? An ever-present question, as there is no shoe that fits all! Both classic and contemporary models have their own lovely characteristics, and it depends on your personal preferences and style choices what will work best for you. When creating our wooden garden room models, we have placed utmost attention on quality and aesthetic elements. So, the final choice clearly depends on your architectural taste and needs.

Classic wooden garden rooms if you prefer cabin style architecture

Our log cabins are often chosen as living space extensions, even as temporary residences or guest houses. We have curated a lovely selection of classical log cabins which could serve as practical and stylish wooden garden rooms, featuring tongue & groove construction, apex or flat shed-type roof, stylish roof overhangs, and other adorable little details. Depending on your selected model, you can choose a single skin (44 mm) or a twin skin (44 + 44 mm) construction, featuring reliable thermal insulation (in between the walls, roof and floors).

Modern garden rooms for those in love with contemporary design

Our modern garden rooms feature reliable construction, beautiful architectural details, and lots of large windows, enabling you to enjoy natural sunlight in your garden building throughout the day. There are two main structural differences when it comes to our contemporary collection: models with the cladding and the ones featuring SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel) construction.

Wooden garden room construction

The importance of building construction covers not only structural aspects of the building but aesthetic look as well. Here are the key construction types that are used for our wooden garden room range:

Log walls (tongue & groove construction)

Interlocking log construction is used for all our classical style wooden garden rooms. This construction type offers relatively easy assembly and doesn’t require too much previous construction experience. A tightly interlocking double-wall structure ensures optimal thermal comfort and allows efficient insulation of the building.

Log walls with cladding for a more modern look

Like our twin skin wall construction, log wall construction with modern vertical exterior cladding provides the ability to insulate the building walls, yet offers a more contemporary design touch to the whole structure.

The specifics of SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel) construction

This type of construction features advanced OSB3 panels with insulation material in between, offering exquisite thermal properties for the building. The building’s exterior looks like the previously described log wall with a cladding construction type. PREMIUM SIPs insulated garden room models also come with PVC windows and doors included in the price, making them a highly attractive choice.

Various size garden rooms at Quick-garden.co.uk

Wooden garden rooms are multifunctional structures, enabling you to perform various activities or simply sit back and relax in your stylish lounging space. When creating our models, we have emphasised the brightness of the internal space and developed numerous models featuring different sizes – from the most compact wooden garden rooms to large, spacious ones. Don’t forget that each model can be upgraded with a cosy terrace, providing additional space and functional benefits outdoors!

Small wooden garden rooms, efficiently saving your space

Compact and cosy wooden garden rooms can easily transform into an ergonomic remote workspace, garden lounging room or a sunlit art studio, allowing you to immerse yourself into the workflow, relaxation, or creative process as often as you want.

Large wooden garden rooms for serious performance

A bit more spacious wooden garden room model could serve you as your personal gym, dance or yoga space. If you choose an insulated garden room model, it will serve as a base for you to occasionally host guests, ensuring their privacy and comfort during any season of the year.

Insulated garden rooms

Quick-garden.co.uk offers an extensive range of insulated garden rooms, matching the industry standards, enabling you to create an oasis for remote work, hobby, sport, artistic expression, or any other activity of yours.

The benefits of insulated garden rooms

The most important benefit of an insulated garden room compared to a regular one is that you can use it all year round! Secondly, insulated garden rooms, made of natural conifer timber, provide additional noise and moisture insulation and guarantee optimal temperature in your garden room, without additional heating and cooling sources.

The insulation features of wooden garden rooms

When it comes to the reliable thermal insulation of the wooden garden room, there are some technical characteristics of the walls, roof and floors that need to be taken into account:

Wall insulation in wooden garden rooms

The primary aspect of insulated garden room insulation is wall construction. As mentioned above, we offer several types of walls for our wooden garden rooms - single or double, walls with cladding and Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction. Each type of construction (except for a single wall) can be efficiently insulated ensuring optimal year-round temperature levels and thermal comfort.

Don't forget the floors of insulated garden rooms!

Floors also play a key role in the overall insulation performance of wooden garden rooms. By choosing reliable thermal insulation material level underneath the floors, you can make sure that the warmth does not escape through the ground and protect the internal space from lingering moisture and cold from the ground.

The roof of insulated garden rooms

The last part that needs to be insulated is the roof. By choosing a thick layer of insulation material for the roof, you can make sure that your wooden garden room is properly secured from moisture and temperature fluctuations.

PVC windows - the final essential element of an insulated garden room

The final element of wooden building insulation is the choice of PVC windows and doors that ensure utmost thermal properties and reliably seal the whole construction. By default, our garden rooms come with wooden windows and doors. However, if you want to guarantee an exceptional level of thermal insulation, choosing PVC ones is highly advised. You can choose among several colours of PVC windows to best match your aesthetic preferences.

We offer two types of insulation for our wooden garden rooms - basic and advanced, featuring different thickness of insulation material used for the walls, roof and floors, allowing you to select the one that fits your needs best.

Prefabricated wooden garden rooms - easy to assemble

Another important benefit of our wooden garden rooms (especially of the classical range) is that due to their interlocking tongue & groove construction, they are quite easy to assemble even by yourself. Garden room installation could be your next exciting DIY project, enabling you to build a house with your own hands. All prefabricated garden rooms arrive in kits containing all the required parts, numbered for your convenience, together with necessary hardware and clear installation instructions. Step by step, part by part, you can assemble the wooden garden room yourself or with a friend in up to a week. If this does not sound like an activity that you would enjoy performing, you can get the building quickly assembled by our installation partners. Just let us know, and we will arrange everything on your behalf!

Bespoke wooden garden rooms

Let your garden building represent your personality and create the design based on your individual needs! An option to design a bespoke garden room will delight those who have an outstanding idea in mind and want it implemented. We are always happy to dive into unique projects or modify one of our current models based on your requirements. We will make sure to help to discover or create your perfect match!

All our wooden garden room models are fully customisable depending on your requirements. If you want to modify the size, layout, or any other aspect of your chosen garden building, or add some optional upgrades, we are always there for you. If you have a precise design idea in mind, our team of architects is ready to advise you in developing your dream bespoke project. Just let us know your thoughts and we will help you make it a reality!

Want to learn more about our wooden garden rooms? Our friendly team is always ready to help – let us guide you through the model selection process! Do not hesitate to give us a call: 02070994301

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